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Bob Schatz

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Experienced Agile Executive

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Agile Coaching for Managers and Executives

One of the toughest challenges in bringing agile practices to an organization is the change in behaviors. In addition to the changes for the development teams, managers and executives can use new approaches to optimize the output of their high-performing, motivated agile teams. Every successful agile adoption case has one thing in common...executive support. Knowing how to provide this support will give your teams an edge in moving the entire organization to be lean and agile.

Introducing Agile to Your Organization

Bringing agile thinking to the organization requires the passion and determination of a skilled change agent. Having a good idea or following the pack is simply not enough. Identifying the conditions and communications that will build bridges for the different perspectives and experiences of people in the organization is a key step in a successful introduction of agile thinking.

Creating An Agile Environment

The environment that agile teams work in can make a significant difference in how they are able to work together to achieve excellence. Building team spaces that support the values and principles of agile is a minimal investment with substantial returns. Making the commitment to provide the best environment is a signal to the team that the support is there.
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